(1)        The Services shall be used through The Subscriber’s television connected with the Equipment. The Subscriber shall only use the Services for watching the channels and programmes in the Subscription Package in the territory of Myanmar;


(2) The Term of the Subscription (the”Term”) shall start from the Activation Date.


(3) Upon the expiry of the Term of the subscription, if The Subscriber fails to renew the subscription before its expiry date, the subscription shall automatically terminate on that expiry date.


(4) If The Subscriber wants to renew the Services. The Subscriber may choose the Subscription for renewal among the available Subscriptions of CANAL+ Myanmar on the date of renewal. The Subscription price shall be the price applicable on the date of renewal. The terms and conditions provided herein (except for the renewal Subscription, its price and term) shall be applied for the renewed period.


(5) The renewal term shall be start from (i) the expiry date of the current term in case the current term has not ended; or (ii) the date of renewal request in case The Subscriber renews the Subscription after the expiry date of the current term.


(6) Subject to the payment of the additional fees for the upgraded period, which is based on the price applicable provided by Canal+ on the date of upgrading, during the Term or any renewal term (if any), The Subscriber may request to upgrade his current/previous Subsciption to the higher level of Subscription of CANAL+ Myanmar.   


(7) The Equipment Price and Subscription Fees shall not be refunded in case of the Services shall be stopped, terminated for the violation of the Contract by The Subscriber;


(8) If The Subscriber chooses to use an installation service, the installation fees shall be paid directly by The Subscriber to the installation service supplier.


(9) The Subscriber (Customer) shall :



a.              Be ensured the usage of the Services/ Subscription as stipulated herein;


b.              Be explained and provided with instructions on the Subscription Fees, how to use the services;


c.              Only use the Equiment to watch the channels in the Subscription in the territoty of Myanmar;


d.              The Subscriber shall notify in writing to Canal+ for resolving in case of change of the customer name, address, upgrading of Subscription, assignment of the right to use the Subscription;


e.              Canal+ shall be not responsible for the case that the Equipment is not allowed to be installed or forced to be dismantled due to The Subscriber has not obtained the approvals for installation of the Equipment at the site of The Subscriber.


f.               Be responsible for checking the warranty seal, serial number of the Warranted Equipment in compliance with the specification. 


g.              The Subscriber shall only use the Equipment and Subscription for the individual purpose at home. The Subscriber shall not use or copy or sell the information or any of contents in the packages provided in the channels in the Subscription (registered to use by The Subscriber under this Contract), in whole or in part, for the purpose of business, re-broadcasting in the public areas, production, duplication, publication, publication on internet, re-broadcasting or distribution in whatsoever manner.


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