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Privacy and confidentiality

As part of your subscription to Canal+ offers, creating a Canal+ account or participating in events (games, contests, registration to newsletters ...), you are asked to provide to your personal data to myCanal Myanmar personal. 

For more information, please refer to our general conditions of use and Standard Terms and Conditions of subscription.


Your questions:

·       Why are your data used and for what purposes?

·       What data do we collect?

·       Who can your personal data be for?

·       What are your rights and how can you exercise them?

·       How long is your personal data kept?

·       Who to contact in case of questions?



myCanal+ Myanmar wants you to benefit from the best services and features for a simpler, more fluid and more personal TV. In particular, we can recommend more relevant programs or products and services tailored to your needs and /or uses. We can also customize the advertising that is presented to you. To do this, we process your data relating to your use of our services in order to provide services to you or to provide offers tailored to your interests or measure the impact of our advertising campaigns that are presented to you.

We use your data in particular for the purposes and on the basis of the following legal bases:



Legal basis

Offer you the services and content related to the subscription you have subscribed to or the account you have created 
Manage subscription and follow-up of your subscription 
Manage your participation in contests or promotional offers


Manage litigation, litigation recovery procedures, legal or administrative procedures 
Respond to your requests and our legal and regulatory obligations 
Manage and justify the payment of beneficiaries according to the consumption of content by our users

Legal / contractual obligations

Detect and prevent fraud and litigation 
Establish statistics for quality audience measurement and monitoring purposes 
Record phone conversations with our advisors for quality monitoring purposes

Legitimate interest (prevention of fraud and litigation management, understanding of your expectations and statistics and studies related to the use of our services, quality monitoring)

Create and share audience segments based on your use of our services 
Measure your interest in the ads you receive 
Measure your interest in and improve our services and sites 
Recommend content based on your interests 
Customize advertising presented to you based on your use of our services or those of third-party services

Legitimate interest (customization of services and offers, measurement of the performance of the advertising campaigns we broadcast, understanding of your expectations and improvement of our services, promotion of our services and those of third party advertisers) 
subject to your detailed rights to Article 4 or in our Cookies Policy

To send you by any means ( email, telephone, SMS, notifications of the application myCANAL), information allowing you to better know our services as well as commercial offers relating to our services or those of our partners

Legitimate interest in promoting our services and those of our partners subject to your rights detailed in Article 4 below



In particular, we collect the following personal data:

·       Your identification and registration data for our services (name, surname, subscriber number, contact details, payment methods, etc.)

·       Your usage data of our services

·       The identification data of the terminals used to access our services (identifier of the access box, the decoder or the reading terminal)

·       The reaction data to the targeted advertisements that are proposed to you



Your personal data may be intended for our subcontractors who are involved in the provision of our services and, where appropriate, our commercial partners or third parties involved in the dissemination of advertising, subject to your rights guaranteed by the applicable regulations the protection of personal data.

Thus, for example, as part of the performance measurement of the advertising campaigns broadcast via our services, we may be required to transmit confidentially and securely to some of our partners specializing in this area, the identifier of the advertising terminal. a user associated with the indication of the type of advertising campaign to which he was exposed during the consultation of our services.

If this is the case, if you have previously consented to our partners' commercial use of your mobile device's location data, they will be able to tell us, in the form of aggregated statistics, what percentage of users who have previously consented to such geolocation have frequented a commercial space related to the advertising that was broadcast during their use of our services. Thus, without having individualizing information on the places you frequent, we can receive aggregated and anonymous statistics allowing us to measure the impact of the advertising campaigns that we broadcast.

If, however, you have not consented to one of our partners for such commercial use of your location data, no processing of your data will be performed by them and Canal + Group will not have anonymous statistics as described above.

In any case, you may never be required to provide such consent when you access a third-party service or Canal+ Group and your consent may be withdrawn freely and at any time from any you provided it.

In addition, we may share with our business partners and our service providers, as well as with other Canal+ Group subsidiaries, data relating to your use of our services, particularly for the purpose of statistics and personalization of our services. services and offers and those of our partners described above.

Such sharing can only be done under the following conditions:

·       Or subject to your free, specific and prior agreement that you may provide or withdraw at any time;

·       Or, when the applicable regulations do not require your agreement, by guaranteeing other measures of protection of this data: confidentiality, pseudonymisation, encryption, limited retention period, etc.

In any case, you may at any time, exercise your rights with us, in accordance with Article 4 below, to express your agreement or withdraw it, without this in any way changing your rights to access our services.

Finally, personal data may also be communicated to public bodies, judicial officers, ministerial officers, in order to comply with any law or regulation in force, to which we are required to respond.



If you no longer want to receive notifications from the myCANAL app, you can disable them:

On Android:

·       by dragging a notification from the application later, then selecting the Settings option and finally pressing "Stop notifications";

·       by going to the myCANAL Settings section and disabling the "Notifications" option;

·       by going to your device's settings (Apps and Notifications section), then selecting the myCANAL app and the "Notifications" section. Finally, by disabling the "Show Notifications" option.

On iOs:

·       by not accepting notifications when the app offers it to you

·       by going to your device settings (Notifications section), then selecting the myCANAL application and the "Notifications" section. Finally, by disabling the "Allow notifications" option.

If you no longer want information collected from or about your mobile device to be used for online behavioral advertising, you can access your device settings and change "Limited ad tracking". (for iOS), "Disable Ad Customization" (for Android) , which will allow you to to limit the information collected from your mobile device or about it.

These settings are accessible:

·       On iOS: by going to the "Settings" section, then "Privacy" and finally "Advertising";

·       On Android: by going to the "Settings" section of Android, then "Android", "Settings", "Google" and finally "Ads" (the course is likely to vary depending on the phone manufacturer and version of Android installed);

Disabling customization of content recommendations

If you do not want your experience to be personalized. To do this, you can go to the myCANAL Settings or Account section ( or myCANAL application) or write to the Canal + Group customer service.

Finally, you can also file a complaint with the National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties, if you consider that we do not respect your rights.



Your personal data are kept according to certain durations with regard to our purposes and the legal obligations incumbent upon us.

The data related to your subscription is archived electronically for the duration of the subscription period and during the legal prescription period.

Who to contact in case of questions?

For more information on personal data, we invite you to refer to general conditions of use and Standard Terms and Conditions of subscription. You can also contact our customer care service +959969983588.